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About TIPSc

TIPSc is a gratitude and recommendations based virtual currency.

TIPSc allows users to acknowledge individuals who go above and beyond to assist, accommodate, or provide with a spectacular product. The value of TIPSc increases every time when users perform a transaction. Users will be rewarded every time they show gratitude.

TIPSc cryptocurrency is ground breaking in that not only will users be able to send and receive compensation for their good work, but will be able to send and receive commentary on what they are being compensated. This is revolutionary in that it can provide positive metrics on individual performance. Eventually, it can provide verified public recommendations on which individuals or institutions provide the best service and/or product.

My role

As the only one designer in the team, I am responsible for -

  • Brand design: TIPSc logo and style guide

  • UX/UI design for TIPSc website and app

brand design

[Logo Design]

logo design1-01.png
logo design1-02.png
logo design1-03.png

[Style Guide]

mood board-02.png

After fully understood of TIPSc, I made the mood boards for better communication with the team and finalized the design style of TIPSc.

mood board-03.png

UX/UI design (ongoing)

[User Flow]

user flow1.jpg
user flow2.jpg
user flow3.jpg