"Held during the week of the UN General Assembly, this years Social Good Summit #2030NOW conference brought together a lively community of global leaders, politicians, activists, and celebrities to discuss what type of world we want to live in by the year 2030.  This year’s attendees were urged to examine how they could play a role in the 2030 agenda, the main takeaways of the night focusing around these key point:

  • Everyone has something to contribute
  • Young people are already headed in the right direction.
  • Tech will play a big part in maximizing our future.
  • Global leaders are ready unify in the global refugee crisis.

In our third year participating, DSI students Karina DavilaJade BroomfieldMarlyn Martinez Marrero and Wen Tang reported as live graphic recorders from the Digital Media Lounge."

-- DSI Blog (http://dsi.sva.edu/blog/2016/09/live-from-the-social-good-summit/)


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