ProjecT 1: Parking here

The theme of this project is about “Finding a parking place”. In a busy parking area, it is very hard to find a parking place and what we usually do is that keeping driving around and trying to find a place by pure luck. 

According to this situation, the project is about showing the parking information on one board which is standing at the entrance of the parking area, so that drivers can easily know not only how many available places here, but also where are they. 

We put the “switch” under the “floor” and the two pieces of them could be connected by pressure, so that the whole circuit works and lights turn up.



Project 2: Fancy pillow

This project is about creating a pillow with pressure sensor. It was designed for people who afraid of darkness, when they need to go to restrooms at night time, they can just get up and then the light will be turned on auromatically and gradually. 

We put four LEDs on each corner and the presure sensor inside of the pillow. The resistance of the pressure sensor will be changedby the pressure between user's head and pillow.