I am a design researcher and designer using design as a tool for solving human needs and creating positive social impact. 

I'm a recent graduate of MFA Design for Social Innovation at School of Visual Arts in New York. 

I have a Bachelor of Industrial Design from South China University of Technology and has project experiences of interactive design and game design. Design is a process. It begins with knowing who are the users and understanding them in their situation and environment. I believe designers should make decisions and create solutions after deeply understanding users and their needs. People do not live in isolation. It’s important to understand and respect how social structures, political and economical realities affect the way people live and perceive the world.  

I'm willing to get in touch with different fields of social issues, and health care is the one that I hope to more focus on. I have been working on projects related to cancer, bipolar disorder, diabetes, trauma recovery and public health in a community.